Vibrant lights
Roused clamor
Flickers of light
Extreme glamour.
Papers after paper
Tired, sore arms
Just keep on smiling
Continue to charm.
Bags under eyes
Another long day
To sit and pretend
Waste your life away.
Cameras are everywhere
You cannot hide
All the rumors that subside
Hurts deep inside.
Unseen by the public
Of internal pains
Unnoticeable feint act
The façade remains.
Glamour so evident
Media preordained
Deem forlorn
Everything unexplained.
Accomplishments surpassed
Yet feeling incomplete
Life is such
Full of Deceit
Oblivious out in the open
Hide your pain
Just keep on smiling.
Cover up the Feign.
Nobody knows
What it’s like to be them.
Many unknown facts
All condemned.
Media fakes
Public makes buzz
Having fame makes life
Nothing like it was.
The industry may seem glamorous
But it is far from glam
Every action you make
May be looked upon as a scam.
Nobody knows the truth
Behind the screen
From the public view’s eye
Much is unseen.
All we see is
The orthodox of show biz.
Vibrant lights
Roused clamor
Flickers of light
Extreme glamour.
© Margery Wang

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