The Colours Of My Life
The white canvas,
So clean and pure.
Lacking the colours,
I formally adore.
I add some black,
Like your soul.
Now because of you,
I’m no longer whole.
I add some blue,
Like the ocean.
Just like my tears,
I’m done hiding my fears.
I add some red,
Like what runs in my veins.
Without it,
I would be dead.
I add some orange,
Like the setting sun.
In this life,
I’m almost done.
Looking back at my portrait,
The colours of my life.
I knew one colour,
I surely forgot.
I add some yellow,
Like the dandelions.
The happiness serum,
Dancing in the wind.
A new life,
A new beginning.
Happiness and frowns,
All drowned in white.
The canvas smiles up at me,
As I step back to admire it.
Life begins again,
With a new goal insight.

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