8 Reasons to Detox our Water

Last weekend marked the 21st World Water Day – a moment to celebrate the precious water that pours from our taps, runs in our rivers and sustains all life here on earth. It was also a timely reminder that this scarce and essential resource needs protecting all year round.
With your support, Greenpeace’s Detox campaign has been working for the past four years to help stop fashion’s unhealthy addiction to toxic water pollution. We are part of an ever growing global movement calling on the fashion industry to stop releasing a cocktail of hazardous chemicals into waterways around the world.
Here are just a few fascinating, alarming and inspiring reasons why:

1) More than 70% of the earth’s surface is covered with water.

Lake Cisanti in West Java

2) The total amount of water on the earth is about 326 million cubic miles.

Blue Marble Image of Earth

3) Industry in general accounts for 22% of the world’s water usage.

The Youngor Textiles Factory in China

4) It is estimated that industry discharges about 300-500 million tons of heavy metals, solvents, toxic sludge, and other wastes into waterways each year.

Factory Outflow Pipe in China

5) The textile industry is one of the largest polluters in China and this production is linked to fashion brands all over the world.

Protest with 3D Banner at GAP's Flagship Store in Taiwan

6) Man made chemicals like PFCs have been found across the globe, carried in rivers and through the air, even reaching the frozen Arctic.

Little Monsters - PFCs

7) However, thanks to #PeoplePower, 20 global fashion companies have made a public commitment to eliminate all hazardous chemicals by 2020.

Thank You Levi's Message in Copenhagen

8) And, already more than 100 textile suppliers are coming clean about their chemical discharges on a public online platform.

'Detox Our Future' Human Banner in Mexico

Already 20 fashion giants like Zara, Burberry and Primark have committed to stop the use and release of these toxic monsters. Even better, many of them are already turning these promises into action, taking progressive steps to clean up their act. Find out how on the Detox Catwalk.

Take Action

Help us protect our water for future generations. Join the Detox movement calling to stop the use and release of these toxic monsters into our rivers, lakes and streams all over the world.
Sign the Detox Manifesto.

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