All About My Self :))


      Hello guys. Let me introduce myself in a short time. I am Alan Reynaldi Husain and you can call me Alan. I was born in Makassar, January 22nd 1997. It means that I’m 17 years old right now.Now, I live at Dormitory of State Forestry Vocational School of Makassar, Makassar and My home at BTN. Kodam 1 Block A9/32. My house actually is not far from my school than my friend’s home and you are only to ride for about 4 km .
      I have nice hobbies and that are singing, swimming, and gaming.This is my first blog which provide information of Technology, newest gadget, and many more and then especially the information about environment.
      In my Dorm, I live with my friends from the various regions. We make the group for our own and with name “The 4th Generations of FVS”. We be composed of 48 boys and 16 girls. I love them very much . We pass our happy , sad , joy, grief, challenges, and many more together. They all make me so spirit to pass all of my daily at school.
      In my house, I live with my parents named Mr. Husain Ali and Mrs. Orpa Dhani. My father work as a personal driver at one of hotel in Makassar. I love them very much and I’m actually I have 2 brothers and 1 sister.They are Anggy, Agung, and Vira. Anggy is 21 years old and now he has work at one of the factory in Makassar.  Next to Agung,he is 19 years old ,and now he is studying at UVRI of Makassar especially for Math and Science.
      I think that’s all and I would say thank you for visit my blog and for your attention.


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